Sauce- Chicken Sugo with Bacon and Chives

Makes 1 portion

Suggested Pairings- Seared Chicken Breast or Grilled Lamb with Charred Green Onions, Grilled Peaches and Goat Cheese Polenta


½ shallot, finely diced

1 teaspoon of finely diced bacon

1 tablespoon butter

¼ cup seasoned rice vinegar

½ cup Primal Provision’s chicken broth

Finely sliced chives to garnish


  1. Add half the butter, the bacon, and the shallot to a small sauté pan and cook over medium heat with a pinch of salt and some cracked pepper.  Cook bacon until light golden brown.

  2. Deglaze the pan with rice wine vinegar and reduce until almost evaporated.

  3. Add the Primal Provision’s chicken broth and reduce by half, or until a medium-thick consistency is achieved.

  4. Off the heat, add the butter and chives and swirl the pan until the butter has emulsified.  Serve immediately.